Irish Government

  • Skills Used:
    Design, XHTML, CSS
  • Client:
    Government of Ireland
  • Project URL:
    No Longer Live

The Government of Ireland procurement office contacted me inviting me to tender for a new version of their main site – – after hearing of my reputation. I was shortlisted from one of seven nationally renowned agencies and was successful in winning the contract.

They wanted a new design and accessible HTML templates, built around ems as measurement, allowing for the site to be zoomed using (then current) browser controls for those users who may be visually impaired. Working closely with their strict requirements for both the design and code base, I designed a set of templates that were then handed off to their in-house web team for implementation. They were very happy with the results. The category section gave easy access to the various Government departments and offices of State in a user friendly, intuitive way. Their site has been further revamped since by the in-house team.

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