Penguin Pianos

  • Skills Used:
    Design, XHTML, CSS, Photography, Flash, PHP
  • Client:
    Penguin Pianos
  • Project URL:

Penguin Pianos is the establishment of a well respected German piano tuner and restorer who lives in Ennis in the west of Ireland. He wanted to get across the craftsmanship of his trade to visitors and show them he was a traditional master of his profession. With that in mind, I hit upon the idea of using his workshop bench as the inspiration for the site design look and feel. His bench has been with him since he was an apprentice so was integral with his persona and some would say who he was. It represented a life time of honest work and many memories, something I’ve tried to get across in the site. So I took the necessary photos and played with it in PS and FW to achieve something that would be reflective of his lifetime of work. I think that comes through as you travel through the site. Small smattering of CSS3 semi transparency going on in the right modern browsers too such as Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera.

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